Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ubuntu Smartphones in 2014

For those of you not familiar, Ubuntu is an open source OS that is produced by software maker Canonical. Where open source OSes are not new, Android is open source as well, Ubuntu will be a new addition to the smartphone market.

As of now the phone OS market is pretty concentrated on very big names. Apple has iOS, Google has Android OS, and Windows has Windows 8 OS. RIM is also a player, though much smaller one, with their Blackberry OS.

Cononical will have do some really impressive things to pull market share from the three biggest players in the smart phone market.

What may make Ubuntu for smart phones special is you will be able to dock the device to a keyboard, monitor and mouse pretty much emulating a desktop experience. Newer phones have enough processing power that you could you could have both a desktop and phone OS of Ubuntu on your phone. Motorola has already attempted such a pairing. but was not successful at it. It will be interesting to see how Cononical fairs with their attempt.

2014 may seen like a long way off as it's just the second day of 2013 but, there are already demo models floating around the UK.

What can you expect from Ubuntu based phones. Lots of the things you get from other phone based OSes. An app store is said to already be in the development stages. It will have multi-touch gesture support. Voice commands will also be part of the implementation. There will also be support both Cortex A9 and Intel Atom processor architectures. This means it will work on both entry level and high end smartphones.

In short. the full smart phone experience.

This is a pretty bold move for an open source OS that some still consider relegated to a small segment of the population. Though a very loyal segment. I for one think it is great that there will be one more player in the smart phone OS market.

Ubuntu looks like it might very well have a chance of breaking into a super competitive marker place if it can deliver on it's claims. I am sure there will be plenty of Ubuntu loyalists who hope 2014 comes quick.

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