Friday, January 11, 2013

Sub $250 10" Tablet. Wow!

The battle of cheap tablets seems to be heating up again. This time it's the 10" tablet market that is getting flush with cheap tablets.

Enter the Velocity Cruz D610 and Q610 10 inch tablets (actual screen size is 9.7") that are due to be released in the spring of 2013. Both will run Android 4.1 Jellybean.

The D610 Specs stack up like this:

1024 x 768 screen resolution
1.5ghz dual core processor
1gb ram
8 gb of storage
Micro SD slot
Micro USB
and a front cam support VGA resolution

One the surface this seems not to be at all impressive. However, we are talking about a 10" screen instead of a 7 inch screen. For those willing to live with the anemic specs but really wanting a 10" screen, $199 may just the right price for them to take the plunge into the tablet market.

What really may create a stir in tablet market is the Q610

The Q610 specs stack up like this.

1024 x 768 screen resolution
1.5ghz quad core processor
1gb and 2gb ram (we will assume that the large storage ones will have more ram)
16gb, 32,gb, and 64gb storage
Micro SD slot
Micro USB
0.3 megapixel front cam and a 2 megapixel rear cam

Other than the fact the screen resolution is pretty poor compared to several of it's competitors in the 10" inch tablet market, the rest of it's specs are impressive enough for it to compete. And the $249 price tag is definitely going to raises several eyebrows.

Keep in mind the Velocity isn't considered to a high quality tablet maker. But, the dirt cheap pricing will likely  entice bargain buyers to purchase a tablet from them. Something Velocity is definitely shooting for with these tablets. Getting the bargain buyers to pull out their wallets and say yes, I want that tablet.

And they are not the only ones entering the 10" tablet market with ultra cheap tablets. Both Archos and Polaroid will be releasing 10" tablets in the near future as well. Polariod, it seems, will be releasing their tablets in the spring as well. A release date for the 10" Archos tablets has yet to be provided.

The big question is how this will shake up the 7" market for tablets as the price range for these 10" tablets will be about the same.

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