Friday, January 4, 2013

New Google TV Devices to Debut at CES

Several new devices running Google TV are set to debut at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) next week. New names to Google TV include Asus, Hisense, and TCL which will be displaying products that will be launching within the next few weeks as well as updated offerings from LG, Sony and Visio.

In addition we can expect new Apps for Google TV as well.

Here us a short video displaying some of the features of Google TV

2012 was a big but mixed year for Google. It has some great launches. The Nexus 7 came out to great fanfare and has been living up to it's claims quite nicely. The Entire Nexus line has been flying off the shelves at a good clip. Jellybean Android OS has turned out to be a winner for Google as well.

Then there was the Nexus Q. It was pulled off the market almost as quickly as it was launched. Perhaps it was just not ready for prime time. Google TV has suffered from mixed reviews since it was first launched/

 Will the addition of new brands and an upgraded exprience breath back life into the struggling Google TV concept? I am thinking that my Magic 8 Ball would come back with an answer "Cannot Predict Now".

We will just to have to wait and see who things shake out in the next few coming months.

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