Thursday, January 3, 2013

Android Jellybean now the 3rd most used version.

New data was released by on the distribution of the OS versions. It is compiled by from information gathered from the Google play store as to what versions are being use to access the site during the most recent 14 day period.

Here is the break down as of January 3rd 2013 compared to December 3rd results.

December 3rd 2012                                     January 3rd 2013

Cupcake: 0.1%                                            Cupcake: Data not provided

Donut: 0.3%                                                Donut: 0.2%

Eclair: 2.7%                                                 Eclair: 2.4%

Froyo: 10.3%                                              Froyo: 9.0%

Gingerbread: 50.8%                                    Gingerbread: 47.6%

Honeycomb: 1.6%                                       Honeycomb: 1.5%

Ice Cream Sandwich: 27.5%                       Ice Cream Sandwich: 29.1%

Jellybean: 6.7%                                           Jellybean: 10.2%

The results show that Jellybean saw an increase in distribution of more than 50%. Gaining a share of 10.2% since it's release in June of 2012. Ice Cream Sandwich also gained a little as it was released to some devices since Jellybean came out. At it current pace it does not seem that Jellybean will be able to catch Ice Cream sandwich or Gingerbread as it is due to be replaced in May of this year by Key Lime Pie.

But, It maybe be able to hit 20% market saturation before Key Lime Pie is introduced. That would be a pretty good accomplishment and would definitely help with the fragmentation issue as the top 3 versions would likely hold a 60% share of all version by the time Key Lime Pie is introduced.

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