Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Game App Review: Sokoban Garden 3D

For those unfamiliar with Sokoban I will give you as brief explanation.

Sokoban translated means Warehouse Worker. In the original game you are presented with a 2d representation of a warehouse and several boxes. Those boxes are to be moved into spots in the warehouse which are clearly marked. You use the worker to move the boxes to the marked spots.

At first this may not seem like a big problem. That is until you find out that you are only allowed to push the boxes (one at a time only) not pull them. This little limitation is what makes the game such a challenge. One wrong push and the box in question becomes unmovable. The boxes themselves can prove to be obstacles to other boxes if you move them the wrong way. Sokoban can be likened to chess in that it requires you to think several moves ahead before you even actually move the first box.

If you have never tried Sokoban before I would suggest you do as it can be a quite enjoyable, if not frustrating at times, game to spend your leisure time playing.

Let's move on to the review.

For those familiar with the original Sokoban game you will likely notice several differences. Instead of a warehouse you are presented with a walled garden of sorts. A warehouse worker is replaced with a smiley faced lady bug. You are also given a 3D type of view instead of the flat two dimensional view with most other Sokoban games.

I really like the fact that you it has a 3d view as it lends depth to the graphical interface. Though the ladybug is certainly nicely constructed and the animations for it a fairly decent, I found most of the other graphics a bit to simple and blocky. I hope the developer has an update coming that will improve the overall quality of the graphics. This is just a minor issue in my mind as it does not affect the game play.

The only other issue I had with the game, and this is true of too many game apps I have downloaded, is the inability to turn off the game music with out also turning off the other game sounds as well. To me this should be an automatic thought of all game designers. It must dawn on them sometime while playing other people games that it would be nice to be able to turn off the music so they can enjoy the rest of the game.

Those two issue aside, I found the game quite enjoyable. This is a really good game that with only some minor tweaks would be even more fun.

Below is the link to the app so you can download it. If you enjoy the game please consider rating and making a short review of the game. I am sure the developer would enjoy the input.

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