Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Android OS, Apps, and More page renamed and back for 2014

As you all know from the blog, Android OS, Apps, and More Google+ page was suspended for reasons that were never explained properly. At that point, admittedly a bit angry, I chose to stop adding content to the blog. It was over a month before I decided to start a new page and paired it with a community (Green Tech News/Discussion ). The content is not really android related for the most part. That was the other reason I stopped posting on this blog.

Fast forward almost a year and I have made a decision to start up this blog with a new name and an a broader scope. Apps, Tech News, Etc. will not only deal with Android content but, Chrome, iOS, and Windows 8 Apps as well. There will also be Tech News and a bit of others things I find of interest.

I plan to start doing reviews again of Apps. For now I will be doing mostly Android and Chrome app reviews as I don't have either an iOS device or Windows 8. Also, I will be adding news posts as well dealing with Tech content.

Keep an eye out as I should have my first post soon.

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