Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday December 4, 2012:


Today I will be doing a product review for the app Water Your Body

This app was specifically made to help you keep track of your fluid intake through out the day. You start by inputting your weight. From there it gives you the amount of fluids you should be drinking. Example: A 145 lb person should be drinking 73 ounces of fluids a day. Weight/fluid amount can be set metric instead of standard. 

Next you are given the option of setting a start time and end time for you to get notifications. Say you get up at 7 am and go to bed at 11 pm. You could set the schedule for notifications during those hours. I would suggest that you set the end time a few hours of so before bed time so you don't have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom. I set my end time for 6 PM. 

There are also settings for the type of notification you wish to receive (visual and/or audio and/or vibration). The notification sound can be customized as well.


1. Nice Graphic Interface: Gives you a variety of containers to choose from (water bottles, coffee cups,  pint glasses, and water glasses). You can also adjust the amount in each container to suit your needs.       

2. Keeps history of how much you are drink via a table and a graph.


1. Though it is very good about giving you multiple notifications during the day to remember to hydrate, the final notification usually leaves you with 20+ ounces left to drink at that time. I would like it to give a notification 1 hour before the end time and again right at the ending time. It would make sure that you don't have to drink a whole lot of fluid right at the end and would make the program run a bit more balanced. 

2. The app is a big memory hog. If you have a phone or tablet with only 1 gig of ram and run multiple apps in the back ground, this app will likely be one of the biggest ones. The most memory I have seen it use is 61 megs. 

Google Play Store Average Rating : 4.5
AOAM Rating                               : 3.75

Over all this is a fairly decent program. It has a nice graphical interface that makes it enjoyable to use. Multiple ways that it can be customized to suit the users needs. It is also free of charge. Though, giving a donation to the creator of a buck is suggested if you expect to use this long term. Not wild about the ending time leaving you with still quite a bit of fluid left to drink nor the large memory foot print it has. 

I do however suggest you give it a whirl and see if it suits your needs. 

Unless otherwise noted all my reviews are for apps and equipment I am not affiliated with. This way you can get as unbiased a review as I can provide.

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